Just … Nope

As often happens, this morning one of my friends posted something on Facebook that was provocative.  It caught my eye and as I started reading the statistics it was a little suffocating.


These statistics are from seven states!  In one month! And please note, the statistics are only taken from one source.  That means these statistics are low because of how few states they represent.
This is heartbreaking. It hit me hard because (a) duh and (b) as many of you know, I worship the dachshund breed and Abigail Rose was meant to be bred. When she turned out to be such a teeny-weeny, we couldn’t. Looking at how many dachshunds lost their lives in rescue simply confirms the world doesn’t need another kitchen breeder  (Abs was fixed long ago, btw).
Folks who have gotten dogs from reputable breeders, as we did with Abigail Rose, this isn’t a shot and isn’t directed at you. This is for people who are looking for a dog on Craig’s List (NOOOOOOOOO!) or PetFinder or elsewhere on line.  Or thinking how cute their dog’s personality is and wouldn’t she make a good mom.  If you think you will make money breeding a kitchen litter, sit down and add it up.  It doesn’t happen, you will lose money and may have puppies for whom you can’t find a home.  All I’m saying is check your local rescues first. If you are simply looking to add a good dog to your home, please check your local shelters before heading to a breeder or (gulp!?!?) a pet store.** You will find purebreds at the shelters too. Please always consider adopting. When you don’t, a wonderful dog sitting in a cage with a cold concrete floor could end up dead.  Its that simple.
**Unless you live in an are where the pet stores are filled with shelter dogs, in which case YAY!!! and go for it!
Images:  Black/white dog was Tag.  He lived at Big Dog Ranch Rescue until he died of cancer there.  You’ll find his story in this blog.
Goofy unfocused dog is Stanley.  We adopted him as an adult, he came from a shelter in Rome, GA.  Adopting Stanley as an adult has completely changed our perspective on adopting an adult dog.
The beautiful yellow dog is Jezebel Snowflake.  She was adopted as a puppy from BDRR.
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