Come Together …

What does “yoga” mean? Desikachar teaches us that there are many different interpretations of the word: “One of these is “to come together“, “to unite“.
Another meaning of the word *yoga* is “to tie the strands of the mind together.” “A further meaning of the word *yoga* is “to attain what was previously unattainable.
Desikachar goes on to say that whether you are on the mat or not, “I am functioning, but I am not present. Yoga attempts to create a state in which we are always present – really present – in every action, in every moment.
In class, I will ask you to unite your breath and your movement. You will be asked to engage your mind in each breath, in each movement. Attaining what you could not attain off the mat, whether it is *simply* calm or opening up that stuck soft tissue, is the purpose of yoga.
Taking that attentiveness off the mat and approaching each task with the respect and thoughtfulness of being in that moment completely will lead to two things: a life well-done and a fulfilled life. Why fulfilled? If you are present in each moment and live to its fullest, if you have balance and calm. The more present you are in each moment, the more you listen to your inner voice and react. Your inner voice will always tell you the truth,
To wrap it all up, yoga will unite you on all levels. Yoga will unite your mind, body and breath. Yoga will unite your inner and outer selves. Yoga will unite you with your present life and bring you to respect what you do on a moment by moment basis. When you are tying the strands of the mind together, you begin to attain the unattainable.
Accept all. Balance the positive and the negative. Counter each action with a counter-action. Take each step as it comes, without dreading or unrealistic expectations of your life. The more you can accept, the less you fight, that’s where you will find not only your true self and true voice, you will also find the joy and light.