Day 1 of Bhakti Fest

Bhakti Fest 057Yesterday was amazing. Hot. Dusty. Dry. Music and dancing. I spent most of my day wandering around, looking at the vendors, listening to kirtan, talking to people. I had a massage with Arianna Gouveia which was amazing. Because it was the first day, The Healing Sanctuary was not packed so I chose to visit there. I wanted to try something that I’ve never seen in South Florida – Chi Nei Tsang (chee nay song) is the ancient Taoist healing art of applying chi energy to the internal organs for detoxification, emotional release and health enhancement. This Classic Chinese abdominal massage accesses the deepest layers of the core belly as the practitioner gently manipulates the liver, spleen, large intestine and other organs with precise and intuitive movements. In terms I understand, it was a belly/core massage and it was amazing. During the massage I could feel the energy moving around, shooting out my fingers; feelings of intense lightness alternating with feelings of being grounded. My mind definitely was in another place. There were times when I felt like I was floating a few inches off the table. I had planned to take Shiva Rea’s class after, but was far too blissed out, so I spent the rest of the afternoon looking at some of the amazing art and ware that the vendors had. Some of the artwork and statues were just crazy beautiful – I got so many names of artists to look at websites when I get home! Today is day 2 and it’s my big music day – Jaya Lakshmi, Wade Morrisette, Wah! – and in between all that I definitely am going to try to get in a class today. Namaste.